Some studies have shown that the Willow Bark is better than Aspirin because contains the same chemical properties as well as aspirin, and even today is used as an alternative medication for many other painkillers.

From willow bark is usually prepared a healing tea and for the best effect should be taken four times a day. Besides tea, there are various supplements made from this plant.

What you can treat with willow bark?


Taking the products of willow bark you can dispel the pain caused by tension, headache or migraine. Many studies have shown that products based on this plant relieve the pain with minimal chances of side effects to gastrointestinal system. Willow bark is just like aspirin and contains salicylic acid but in a slightly different form being easier on the stomach than pills.

Pain in the lower back

Numerous studies have also confirmed that willow bark acts very effectively on pain in the lower back, and for this purpose the most effective supplements based of this plant are taken in a dose of 240 milligrams.

The pain caused by arthritis

Willow bark has anti-inflammatory properties which can be of great use when it comes to pain caused by arthritis, whether it comes to rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Some studies say that the products based on willow bark may need more time to act, but their effect will be longer than the standard drugs.

Source: foodinshape.com