Citrus Diet is one of the most effective diets which are based on fruit, and because of its phenomenal results became a real hit in the world. Although it requires commitment, a strong will and perseverance, thanks to it can weaken as much as 6 kg for 15 days! Except you after this period lose weight, delicious citrus to clean your body of accumulated toxins and supply you with vitamins and minerals.

It is a diet that will make you happier, healthier and more noticeably slimmer. In particular will be of interest if you like fruits such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit or lime.

Why is a citrus fruit so healthy

Above all, citrus diet is a great choice due to the fact that antioxidants in this fruit preserve heart health and blood vessels from many diseases. Improve blood flow by reducing the chances of blood clots in the arteries. Above all, it is easy to cope with the bad (LDL) cholesterol, which protects against high blood pressure, as well as stroke and heart attack.

What is characteristic of this fruit is the sour taste that we all adore. This is actually an indication that these fruits are rich in vitamin C, and folate and thiamine. This combination protects against toxins, cleanses the intestines and urinary tracts. It is particularly useful when the wound healing and the prevention of bleeding in question, because they enhance the synthesis of collagen in the blood. Their use is helpful for faster recovery of bone fractures, sprains and at healing damaged tendons.

In the end, the most important feature of these foods is that they help regulate the protein in your body. This is very important for those who just want to be slimmer, and citrus diet ideal choice for this. Will accelerate the breakdown of fats and thereby encourage the acceleration of metabolism, which results in weight loss.

Rules of the diet and the basic guidelines in nutrition

When it comes to citrus diet for quick weight loss, it requires a lot of attention and commitment, and the diet is based on food intake which is rich in much-needed vitamins and minerals. If you love foods such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit or tangerines, are on the right way to lose weight in a completely healthy and efficient way! With this fruit, it is permissible to eat toast, fish, boiled eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, beef, cheese, apples, carrots, peas and potatoes.

When it comes to how much lasting citrus diet for weight loss, it may be held in 5 or 15 days, depending on what kind of results you want to achieve. People who are determined to cleanse your body of toxins and lose weight, decide for you fifteen variant. When it comes to citrus diet, the results are phenomenal, and after 15 days you can lose even 6 kg.

Citrus diet menu for all 5 days

As the name says, the basics of this diet contains citrus fruit, as well as the permitted foods. Their combination will allow your body smooth and proper intake of protein, natural sugars, minerals and vitamins.

Breakfast is always the same every day, so you need to start the morning so that you can drink squeezed lemon juice with 1.5 dl of mineral water. This will launch the stomach and prepare it for the welding process. Breakfast consists of slices of toast (or wholemeal bread), and with it you can eat a citrus fruit of their choice. As an alternative to this, to start the day you can consume a glass of low fat yogurt with three tablespoons of dietary flakes. Lovers of coffee and teas can enjoy these drinks, but it is important not to use sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Citrus diet runs in cycles of five days, and depending select how you want to hold. After expiry of the cycle, return to the first day and repeat the same order, without skipping.

Day 1

An orange, a cup of sour cream and a poached egg.

Two pieces of fresh tomatoes (or a glass of tomato juice), two hard-boiled egg, a cucumber juice squeezed from half a grapefruit.

Day 2

One plate of clear soup, fresh carrots, hard-boiled egg, two slices of toast (or wholemeal bread) and two mandarins.

Fried ground beef (about 125 grams), orange, tomato, a slice of toast (or whole-wheat bread). Optionally you can have a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

Day 3

Two chicken fillets, cup sour cream, hard boiled egg, lettuce (or two fresh cucumber), half a fresh grapefruit.

Coleslaw, a toast (or a slice of whole-wheat bread) and one orange. If desired, have a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

Day 4

Two slices of cottage cheese, a tomato, a slice of toast (or wholemeal bread) and half a grapefruit.

Fried ground beef (about 125 grams), two fresh tomatoes, a slice of toast (or int. Bread) and an apple.

Day 5

200 grams of cooked fish meat, a fresh tomato, a slice of toast (whole wheat bread).

Cooked vegetables (peas, carrots and potatoes), a hard-boiled egg and a fresh tomato.

In the periods between meals for lunch can take a citrus fruit of their choice. This way you will prevent hunger, especially in the first days of the child when this is quite normal.

Additional advice and tips which are important

This is a great way for those who want to lose fat and perform quality detoxification of the body in a healthy way. However, it is important to know that these citrus diet is not recommended for people who have frequent problems with gastric acid. Also not recommended its application in which it occurs some of the digestive disorders, or those suffering from hypoglycemia.

New mothers give specific advice if they want to get rid of the fat that they appeared during and after pregnancy, you may want to wait for the implementation of this diet, because citrus and breastfeeding do not go together.

Citrus diet can be a big hit for removing excess fat around the waist, but before you try it, consult your doctor.


Citrus Diet for Rapid Weight Loss! & Weight Loss
Citrus Diet is one of the most effective diets which are based on fruit, and because of its phenomenal results became a real hit in the world. Although it requires commitment, a strong will and perseverance, thanks to it can weaken as much as 6 kg for 15 days!...