Vision problems are common and are faced by all generations. It is known that they come with age, but except the nature and genetics, the deterioration of vision depends to the routines as reading and computer work that strains your eyes. Fortunately, there are a few tricks and exercises that you can save diopter and improve eyesight.


1. The eyes should be resting away from the computer and TV for about 3 hours a day, especially if you notice that the your view starts blurring and your eyes increasingly ache.

2. When you feel tiredness in your eyes, close your fingers and gently massage the cover and the area around your eyes.

3. When you feel tiredness in your eyes from the computer, look out of the window in distance for two minutes.

4. When you feel fatigue and tension of hard work before sleeping, close you eyes and place lukewarm compresses of hot water or chamomile tea.

5. Whenever possible, perform the following exercises for eyes that has been shown at the end of the post to repair your vision and to rest and strengthen the eye muscles. With eyes follow the direction of the arrow, slowly and carefully. For best results, repeat the exercises 3-5 times.


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