There are many rape victims around the world. Not many of them can deal with what happened to them. Now, there’s a new drug circling around clubs all over the world called viola which allows perpetrators to rape women.

According new police reports, viola is a new rape drug which people should know about. It is a powerful numbing agent which destroys a person’s track of time, space and will. This new drug is essentially a chemical compound known as Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). The drug is present in liquid, powder or pill form and is most often added to drinks in clubs and discotheques. GHB is illegally used as a muscle supplement, but now a derivative is used as a dangerous rape drug.

One form of GHB called oxybate formula is approved by the FDA and sold only under a prescription for narcolepsy patients. This drug fights drowsiness and fatigue and doesn’t have the same effects as the GHB rape drug.

Symptoms of easy viola

Once consumed, the symptoms of the drug appear in 10-20 minutes. Here are the most common symptoms of the rape drug:

  • Loss of coordination and balance;
  • Lack of judgement and will;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Drowsiness, fatigue and weakness;
  • Comatose state;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Reduced blood pressure;

GHB has raised the alarm in many countries around the world. The drug is odorless and tasteless, and easily dissolves in drinks. It is also difficult to detect – there is no other way to know if a victim has been drugged other than a specific blood test. This is why it’s important to alert your close ones to the dangers of the drug, so they won’t become victims to rapists. The drinks and meals you order must be prepared in front of you and delivered directly, and you should also stay in a group of friend whenever you’re going out.

In the street, GHB is also known as blue nitro, easy girl, gamma G, ecstasy liquid, pumps of cherry, cherry, poor man’s heroine, vita G and scoop.

Please share this information with everyone you know to spread awareness for the dangerous drug.