Nobody likes when on walls and in the corners of the ceiling appears cobwebs. Of course, a clean and tidy house is not as attractive to insects as messy, but even with frequent cleaning – the emergence of insects is a common thing.

No matter how clean you keep your home, garden or terrace, spiders will always find a way to settle in your immediate environment.

How to remove them?

Spiders and other insects cannot stand mint smell. Amazing idea! Have mint plant at home! Therefore, a great idea is to plant at home this useful and fragrant plant, which is cheap and easy to maintain.

The plant mint known as Mentha has a strong flavor, which is wonderful for us – a horrible for insects. It will protect your home, not only of the spiders but also of different bugs, insects and fruit flies.

Also, you can DIY natural insect repellents which do not contain harmful chemicals. Its main ingredient is fresh mint. All you have to do is to mix a small amount of essential oil of mint with water (about 10 drops in half a liter of water) and pour into a sprayer.

With this mixture, you can spray all the dark corners of your apartment, terrace, storage room in the yard, and all the places where spiders and insects were seen.

The pleasant smell of the spray will serve you as a natural air freshener that is completely harmless to humans.