The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body, so it’s no wonder pain in that area – which happens to 1 in 5 of us, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine – can really set you back. Knee pain is also often the result of a trauma by long-term overuse of your knee, or even a condition known as arthritis.

The knee pain is a common symptom of a knee injury. When this happens, the resulting swelling and stiffness can be very uncomfortable. It can also disrupt your everyday habits such as walking and bring you days of unnecessary pain.

Luckily, this knee stretch can open up range of motion and alleviate debilitating pain. In this article we are going to present you an excellent way to relieve knee pain in just a few moments.

Jill Miller from Yoga Tune Up performs this technique for you that can alleviate knee pain by moving it in different directions. This affects the knee by slow stretches which will help you alleviate the pain and recover faster.

For performing this technique, all you need is a wash towel. Start this exercise by twisting and folding the wash towel. Next, put it behind the knee, pushing it as up toward the joints as you can. Then, place your leg in a position where the heel touches an elevated object, such as chair, or a couch.

Start twisting and folding the wash towel before you do anything else. Then, put it behind your knee, pushing it as up toward the joint as you can. Place the leg in a position where the heel touches an elevated object, such as chair or a couch.

Then, you can begin pressing your knee and your calf muscles, while you hold the towel in place. Furthermore, do this with both of your knees.

This is an excellent exercise that gives incredible result since it creates a much-needed space below the knee and between the calf muscles and the thigh.