Our diet is based on many processed products that contain artificial dyes, preservatives and they are a big problem for our body because we are not prepared to digest such complex compounds.

Our body takes a lot to do the digestion when we eat foods such as junk foods, soda and treats. For example: when we eat a salad we can ingest it in a maximum of two hours, while a hamburger takes up to three days inside us and in the end leaves residues that could not be consumed completely.

Besides unhealthy foods, we also drink a lot of unhealthy drinks, mainly soft drinks which have been known to contain up to 30 tablespoons of sugar per can, which is troubling.

You will never drink soda again after reading this article!

Coca Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But coca cola is a very harmful product, it is widely known that its composition is equivalent to more than thirty tablespoons of sugar per container, which is a serious problem for those who drink this excessively.

Too much sugar and glucose in our body can be the trigger for problems such as: hypertension, obesity, heart failure, arthritis, artery blockages and more.

Here’s what happens to your body an hour after drinking a can of Coke:

After 10 minutes

You will have received all the sugar you need in a whole day, which is a big impact for the body.

After 20 minutes

The process of turning sugar to fat in the liver starts.

After 40 minutes

The glucose from the drink is now fully absorbed in the blood, resulting in significantly increased blood pressure.

After 45 minutes

Your brain begins to pump big amounts of dopamine which increases your heart rate.

After 60 minutes

After the process ends, your blood sugar levels spike and the risk of diabetes is significantly increased.

As you can see, drinking only a can of soda raises the risk of numerous health problems, and drinking Coke and similar soft drinks every day can result in life-threatening conditions.

Source: http://fitandhealthy24.com/