The eggs are one of the most used ingredients in food, but there are also many uses of the egg shells which are very helpful for your skin and pets.

Check out some of the benefits of egg shells below:

Natural pesticide

Grind the shells and put them near the plants in the garden. They will stop the attacks of some pests like snails and lizards. The shell is working like a natural pesticide. The uninvited guests in your garden will flee from the egg’s smell.

Home doctor

If you are suffer from overgrown nails, you can use the thin lining from the inner side of the shell. You can use it as protection, remedy or prevention for overgrown nails.




Kitchen tool

Grab one egg and make a hole one centimeter wide in diameter on the down side. Wait for the egg to leak out. Once the egg is out you can rinse the egg shell carefully with lukewarm water, dry it and use it as a pattern for your chocolate eggs.

Mean against itching

Add eggshells in a jar of apple cider vinegar and leave the composite to rest for 2 days. You will get homogenous composite because the eggshells will become completely soft. The composite is now ready for your scratching and skin irritation problems.

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