Nowadays, it is hard to keep a healthy liver because of all the unhealthy food that is available to us. Let’s be honest, a salad is more expensive than a cheeseburger. Which one will you choose?

We don’t often have time to sit down and cook an organic meal every night, so we find ourselves eating fast food more than we should. Because of this, it is essential that we keep our livers performing at their peak!

Luckily, we have a drink that will make you liver like new! This recipe will cleanse the liver, and keep it performing at its peak. Pharmaceutical liver cleanses are too expensive and they aren’t getting the job done. Instead, go with the natural method.


  • Lemon juice
  • Orange juice
  • Fresh mint leaves, handful
  • 1 liter water
  • Organic honey


Place the water on heat to make it boil. Then add the mint leaves and boil 5 minutes more. Set aside from the heat to cool a few minutes and then, in this add the orange/lemon juices both together with the grated peel of lemon too. In the end, stir in the honey.