One of the most used natural remedies of all time is the combination of lemon juice and olive oil. The combination of these two amazing ingredients will help you to prevent and treat numerous health issues.

Lemon has numerous health benefits. It is packed with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins such as phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B, proteins, carbohydrates …

Olive oil was also known as “liquid gold” amongst the Greeks and Romans back in ancient times. Since it contains fatty acids that have an ability to efficiently treat bad cholesterol and cleanse the body its value was extremely appreciated.

This powerful remedy can treat numerous ailments and offers the following health benefits as well:

Fights constipation

This combination helps lubricate the digestive mucosa, also activates the function of the bladder and bladder. It contains antioxidants that help us get rid of toxins and help in any case to the proper digestion of food.

Cardio protective effect

Olive oil is rich in fatty acids, these help control and improve blood circulation and also removes the bad cholesterol, which helps blood flow. It is also anti-inflammatory and provides many vitamins.

It maintains balanced liver and gallbladder

When we feel swollen, heavy and tired, commonly because our body is intoxicated. Help your liver to expel these toxins.

Articular or rheumatic pains

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, every morning a teaspoon of this recipe combat these annoying pains.

To strengthen skin, nails and hair

To strengthen weak, fragile, brittle or splintered, make a mixture of 1 tbsp nails. extra virgin olive oil with 1 tbsp. lemon juice where you’ll soak your nails for 10 minutes before going to bed. You can also sleep in fine cotton gloves to allow the mixture of lemon and olive oil, nails penetrate overnight.

Oil and lemon can help the hair to become healthy, strong and shiny, and can help control dandruff. Antiseptic and astringent lemon qualities can help treat skin disorders. Mix and drink 1 tbsp. olive oil with freshly squeezed lemon juice to help maintain a healthy body, shiny hair and smooth skin.