When buying a toothpaste, a majority of people are reading the labels, but nobody actually reads what it says on the bottom of it. It is actually very important and it says whether the paste has been made of organic or non-organic substances.

There are 4 colors: red, blue, green, or black which indicate the quality of the toothpaste.

  • BLACK – the toothpaste contains chemicals only
  • RED – the toothpaste is a combination of chemical and natural substances
  • BLUE – the toothpaste contains only natural substances
  • GREEN – the toothpaste is completely organic


Preserving the health of your teeth is crucial to your overall health. So, always remember this – next time you go to the market, stop at the isle where the toothpastes are.

It is okay if you even take a paste with a blue square, but make the green one your priority. Put the health of your oral cavity first.