Sciatica and lower back pain are caused by an irritation or compression of the lower back nerve. This nerve that begins at the hip and ends at the ankles produces a shooting pain that crosses the leg and that can affect the people, especially the women, from the 35 years.

As our body loses elasticity, joint, muscle and sciatic nerve pains begin. Pregnant women are also often affected because of the accelerated weight gain.

This often unbearable pain can be prevented in the following ways:

  • Regular exercise which strengthens the back muscles
  • Sleeping on a firm mattress
  • A proper body posture
  • Properly adjusted car seat for lower back support
  • Regular practice of a proper lifting technique

We will suggest the best two exercises to prevent and relieve sciatica pain:

It is advisable to start with gentle movements and then increase the frequency and time as the pain subsides.

The floor is the best place to perform these exercises. You can use a rug or a mat.

1. Stand flat on the floor with arms and legs stretched out

It relaxes the muscles and accustoms the body to the floor. Lift your sore leg by gently flexing it and bring it to your shoulder with the help of your hands. Hold the position for a few seconds until you feel the tension and leave it bent for 30 seconds.

Switch to the other leg and repeat this exercise alternately a few times.

2. Put yourself back on the floor and flex both legs to the chest as you cross over one another

With the help of your hands hold the position until you feel the tension in the muscles. Hold this way for 30 seconds, stretch your legs and repeat again until the tension loosens.
Perform these exercises as many times as you think necessary until you regain normal mobility.